MPEC Hosts Lasers in Manufacturing Symposium

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A network of 9 educational institutions in 9 Midwest states

led by Indian Hills Community College

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The Midwest Photonics Education Center (MPEC) in partnership with industrial laser company TRUMPF Inc., recently hosted a “Lasers in Manufacturing Symposium” at IHCC.  The symposium featured 6 speakers from across the nation including Tracey Ryba and Frank Geyer of TRUMPF Inc. (MI), Kurt Erickson of St. Jude Medical (NC), Matt Sidlinger of Genesis Systems Group (IA), Travis Thompson of John Deere (IA), and Frank Reed of IHCC.  Speakers highlighted topics such as laser sources, applications and integration, design considerations for laser welding, laser use in manufacturing medical devices, and advances in 3D metal printing.  The event culminated with a tour of the laser laboratory and a demonstration of stainless steel laser welding with the new TRUMPF TruLaser Station 5005 welding.  According to MPEC Director Greg Kepner, there were 88 attendees that included representatives from 18 companies, along with faculty and students from 3 educational institutions including William Penn University, Northeast Iowa Community College, and IHCC.  Dave Landon of Vermeer Corporation (past president of the American Welding Society) remarked that he was very pleased with the event and believed that it provided valuable technical information on laser manufacturing processes.